Wednesday, 29 November 2017

FINAL testing in progress!!

The final test build is out, we can now do nothing except wait and see what our Beta Test Team come up with.

This is a slightly horrifying time for devs but we will try to hold it together :-D

Release date will be announced once we know how much work will be required based on testing feedback.

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Thursday, 9 November 2017

Teaser Trailer 2 released

You want to be teased, you know you do.

As for release date... no official date yet but we're aiming for December 2017.  It just depends on what our testers find, if there's something massive and tricky to fix that we've not yet encountered ourselves then obviously that could cause a delay.  I'm hoping that won't happen of course!

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Monday, 23 October 2017

A significant milestone

Hey all - well, you know how much I love milestones, right?  Yesterday we reached another one.

Both I and my co-dev have now played the game, feature-complete, from start to finish, and watched the end credits roll.  A very exciting moment for us as developers since it means that we really do have a full, working game with only bits and pieces to add now, including voicing a final few characters (who only have a small number of lines each).  Seeing the thing in its' (almost) finished glory has been very gratifying, with all the hard work really paying off now.

We still have some bits and pieces to put in and of course get the final testing done but we are getting very close.  It's been a long voyage - a bit longer the the original Star Trek's "5 Year Mission" in fact! - but we're almost there.

Stay on target... STAY ON TARGET!!

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