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Sunday, 13 July 2014

Testing and Development Update

Act I is now with our beta test team (Arj0n, Cat and Tabatha from the AGS boards) - all I know for sure so far is that they've found one typo.  I'm sure that soon reports will flow in of weird and wonderful ways to break the games, impossible to foresee continuity errors, and the like.

Act II is, believe it or not, almost finished as well.  We've decided to take a different tack that will basically involving adding new puzzles to the existing demo section rather than introducing a whole new section with its own unique game mechanics etc.  While the idea was nice, this way we get to finish production of Act II quickly and ensure that people who've played the demo don't feel that they are playing exactly the same thing when they reach that part in the game.

Just waiting on Ben Chandler for the Act III graphics, and we'll start on the big finale.  (Well, that's probably a job for August / September, but it feels like we're really making good progress atm.)

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Exciting times!

Well, it's pretty exciting for me and potentially exciting for our test team - we're now officially on our very final Dev Test Build for Act I, before we throw the whole thing into a Beta Test Build, give it to our testers and sob uncontrollably as the break it in ways we never thought possible.

Act II is more than halfway done already, and we hope to have that ready for testing by the time we get the official beta test report back for Act I.  You see, it isn't all thrown together completely at random!

Not quite...

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Lovely review of Captain Disaster in: The Dark Side of the Moon

"I really enjoyed this adventure. Loved the Pink Floyd references, good graphics, funny and interesting dialogue, and challenging puzzles. What I enjoyed most was the creative integration and brilliant uses for inventory items picked up along the way, of course you'll have to play the game yourself to find such a fun way to travel around the moon, and the cool things some of the other items can do in the game. The bonus achievements were clever and alot of fun. Thanks so much Team D for putting this one together. Definately look forward to your next game."

On the AGS Games Page... where we still don't have enough ratings to make an average!  Gah...