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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Captain Disaster on AdventureGamers

Captain Disaster is featured in the write-up of Adventure-X 2014 on  

"the titular captain finds a simple package delivery job turning into a quest to save the galaxy. With the questionable aid of an inept computer in this quest, our hero will be party to a series of unlikely events, including inadvertently becoming a famous rock star for a time. The game has a family-friendly approach with a retro cartoon style."

Monday, 8 December 2014

Adventure-X Success!

Well... I think it was a success.  Attendances for the demonstrations were almost universally low, I think only Technobablyon came close to having a really decent number (maybe WEG's mystery game too, I wasn't there for that).  But still, more people came to see Captain Disaster being demoed than either of my other games, and to my it was by far my best presentation.  I was really relaxed, had a good rapport with the audience, and they seemed to laugh at all the right places.  (Whether for the right reasons or not I couldn't tell you, but they seemed to be as concentrated a group of science fiction and adventure game nerds as I could possibly hope to have looking at this game! :-D)

Doing this presentation actually led up to my proudest moment of Adventure-X 2014 - Theo Waern, designer of The Journey Down, came and told me that he enjoyed the Captain Disaster presentation.  Considering I'm a huge fan of The Journey Down, that really meant a lot to me.  (The reaction to one of the cut scenes was also a top moment, but you'll have to buy the game to find out...)