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  • The Indie Mine (demo review) "I was particularly fond of the satirical humour that referenced other overused science fiction tropes... If you’re up for a sci-fi adventure to satisfy your inner nerd, or even just a promising adventure game, then I would urge you to try the demo for Captain Disaster In: Death Has A Million Stomping Boots."
  • Victory Games (demo release) - it's in Polish, using Google translator gives hilarious results that I think don't do much justice to the original writing!!  "Absurd dialogues, lots of puzzles, awful "robomuzyka" jokes plus a sci-fi setting - in short, the essence ofCapitan Disaster . Those who played in the Space Quest , feel again here at home (crazy)"
  • (demo release) - "expect tons of weird references, odd puzzles, funny bits of dialogue and a generous serving of sci-fi humour. As an added bonus, you'll also be getting some of the silliest voice over around and certain puzzles involving tea."
  • (demo review) - "Though the graphics are in a lower resolution, I was impressed with the animation and visual fx.  The music is very good, and the amateur voice acting is quite entertaining as well and is delivered with all the campy goodness necessary to make this adventure a great first indie effort.  I was also enthused by the very first non-puzzle, and then later by the very first actual-puzzle.  It’s good fun so far and I’m now looking forward to playing through the full game once it becomes available."

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