Thursday 20 June 2013

Lots of new screenshots from the latest build

Please bear in mind that these may be incomplete or lacking characters / objects that will be put in later.  One or two are close-up views not the whole screen:

Stats, stats and more stats!

While we are in the process of getting another build done, after which I'll post some more screenshots, videos etc, here are some stats about the game:

- 36 Rooms

- 17 Characters
- 929 Sprites
- 602 Lines of speech
- 2 new specially composed music tracks recently added to the game
- Many lines of alien gibberish dialogue 

There's still a steady stream of new people downloading the demo:
From AGS: 933
From Softpedia174
From ModDB69
From GameFront20

Total: 1,196

One of them left a very nice comment recently too - "Downloaded the demo just now, great fun! Definitely worthy of a commercial release."