Tuesday 20 August 2013

1K demo!

Just seemed reasonably significant - finally hit a thousand downloads of the Captain Disaster in Death Has A Million Stomping Boots DEMO over at AGS.  Yeah I know, it's not really that significant, I just like milestones...

Saturday 17 August 2013

Captain Disaster in "The Dark Side of the Moon" - stats and feedback so far

Game page view - 497
Game downloads - 140


"This is a pretty interesting game, when you start the game you notice that there's work put into this. The music is well done and the game uses low-resolution graphics, I am not sure if that is the final graphics or not, looks cool as it is though."

"Nice game, the background is a little grating after a while, but that's only me nitpicking as I couldn't really find much else to fault. :)

Puzzles were pretty well balanced and if not for the lack of possibly some more of the more inventive ones (you know which one i mean!) and a few too many basic object combining/using it really was a very professional set of puzzles."

"I really like the music, and the games kept me entertained for the little while I've played it so far."

"Heh, I like the hilarious profile you gave to this game, the lo-res graphics do the trick as well, but in my opinion there should be something to skip all the walking, it becomes a little tedious after a while."
"I love the writing!  Much humor."
"This was a fun little game which I really enjoyed."

So I'm pleased to say that it seems we have managed to do what we set out to do - create a short but sweet slice of adventure gaming that people would enjoy playing.

Dark Side of the Moon - Walkthrough

If anyone needs it, I've done a walkthrough for Captain Disaster in: "The Dark Side of the Moon".  You can get it here.  (This only gives you the minimum you need to complete the game, there is much more to discover if you explore the game!)

A nice chap called Peter has also translated the walkthrough into Dutch, which you can get here.

In case you haven't played it yet, here's the game download page.

Monday 12 August 2013

It's finally released - Captain Disaster in "The Dark Side of the Moon"!

Well folks, here's what you've all been waiting for but didn't know it... Team Disaster's very first game featuring Captain Disaster - The Dark Side of the Moon.

Due to difficulties purchasing website hosting (basically, I've lost my wallet so I have no way to pay...!!), I've only been able to put the game on GameJolt so far.  Hope that's okay with everyone, it seems to be a pretty good service anyway.

I won't explain too much about the game right now, you can find information, screenshots etc over at GJ, and in any case I'm afraid that right now I'm too tired to do much blogging.  

Saturday 10 August 2013

Ok, REALLY soon now

Just doing some final beta testing and refining of our first game release... it'll be within the next few days.  I promise!