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Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Drip drip drop little April sales....

Captain Disaster in: Death Has A Million Stomping Boots will be on sale on GameJolt from midday 19th April to midnight 23rd April - $4.99 instead of $8.99 (widget below should show sale price during the actual sale):

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Video review of "Stomping Boots"

YouTuber Drak232 has given quite an in-depth review of the game, with some very fair constructive criticism that we'll take into account when making the next Captain Disaster game.  He's clearly a bit of a fan of the 90s classic style pointandclicks though as he gives us a cracking 9/10 rating! :-)

Monday, 9 April 2018

Captain Disaster in One Minute

No it's not a speed run! - even we devs have failed to complete this thing in less than an hour let alone a minute!

It's a quick overview / review.  Watch it and don't weep.

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Flash sale on GameJolt!

Captain Disaster in: Death Has A Million Stomping Boots is 44% off on GameJolt until 1:00pm on Wednesday 4th April 2018 - $4.99 instead of $8.99!