Wednesday 11 May 2022

Snow Problem

In case you were wondering what I'm currently working on, it's a minimalist puzzle game based around falling snow. As the snow falls you have to guide it into where you can collect it, naturally with obstacles each level to navigate. The snow can also change colour and you may need to collect an amount of different coloured snows to complete the level/

The basics of the game and a level editor (which isn't the most user-friendly I guess, it's fine for me but not 100% sure I will release it to the general public) so will hopefully soon release a free 10 level demo, with the full game being 100 levels at a low price.

The screenshots below are from an alpha build that's pretty close to the final game engine, but ignore level numbers etc, they are almost definitely going to change (obviously I want to easier levels first and slowly add in the colour element).

More news soon...

Monday 2 May 2022

New Steam review - and a request!

 Very, very happy with what the latest person to review the game on Steam had to say 😊

Obviously delighted with that review both in terms of them enjoying the game and my voice performance as Captain Disaster himself.

A request though - if you've bought the game on Steam, played it and enjoyed it, but haven't reviewed it yet... I would be extremely grateful if you could do so. Since one of the other games I designed, The Corruption Within, has passed 50 reviews with the vast majority being positive, the overall rating has progressed from "Positive" to "Very Positive". I would be thrilled if the same ever happened to Captain Disaster in: Death Has A Million Stomping Boots (if my heart could cope with the shock factor of course). If anyone reads this and is kind enough to post a review, please accept my thanks.

Now that Google's charging me a monthly fee for the very limited amount of stuff I use in GSuite (I'm sure there's loads of great things you can do with it, but I don't really need any of it!) I'd better start using this blog to try and create some more sales!