Saturday 17 October 2015

Screenshot Saturday!

Yes folks we are still here, still working on the game, and it's still going to get finished.  We've been redoing some of the old backgrounds to improve them and make them more consistent in style with the rest of the game.  Also one thing I personally have been terrible at is using different perspectives, but my partner in crime The Bit Priest has countered this deficiency and made some excellent suggestions, one of which you can see in the second background.

These backgrounds are not necessarily final, but they give you a good indication of the way the game's graphical style is coming along.

Wednesday 5 August 2015

A sneak peek at something you can't see!

You'd like to know what that is, wouldn't you?  Well, I'm not going to tell you.  But what I will say is that it's part of the design for a surprise somewhere near the end of the game, that I think you're going to like, and be surprised by, because it's a surprise, and it's still a surprise because I'm refusing to tell you what it is.  So there you have it.

Friday 26 June 2015

Captain Disaster now sponsored by GoldPieces

We are pleased to announce that Captain Disaster in Death Has A Million Stomping Boots is now being sponsored by gaming cryptocurrency GoldPieces.  Since GP's sister currency, HYPER, is sponsoring CD's sister game, Troll Song, it seemed appropriate! :-D

We... what's with all these sisters recently?!?!?

Check out the GoldPieces Website for more information.  It's already being used as an in-game currency in MMORPG Dragon Knights of Valeria.

Wednesday 10 June 2015

Progress update... Act III

Firstly, apologies for the lack of posts here.  Real life has taken its toll and left TheBitPriest and I less time than we would like to work on the game; however, we have made a lot of progress towards getting Act III finished, we're probably about half-way there.  It's pretty much just the big climax to do now.  Then we'll be going back through the whole game and polishing things up, letting the testers have a go at breaking it, and finally when all's looking good adding the voice acting.

I plan to have another update with some Act III screenshots up soon.  Last time I played Act III it was a great experience (partly because TBP had added in some extra bits that I didn't even know about, and they really added to the game :-D), I'm really looking forward to having the game soon that can be completed from start to finish.

Saturday 21 February 2015

A look at the Act I redesign and Act III in progress...

Sorry folks it's too long since I did an update post, I apologist.  However I can tell you that we are hard at work on Act III, having completed the redesign of some screens that I told you about at the end of December 2014.

Here are a couple of the screens, much more in keeping with the cartoony style pervading the rest of the game:

Act III development is in full swing now.  Here's a quick sample...

Monday 19 January 2015

Interview time!

I have been interviewed by JustAdventure about Captain Disaster, my other games, and #indiegamedev in general.

Check it out here!

Saturday 17 January 2015