Friday 8 January 2021

MAGS game update

Making good progress with this, yesterday was about adding new features, today was about ironing out any issues, making the gameplay smoother and improving the collision detection, and some general improvements like proper scoring function and adding music.  I also made the grey fishies yellow as they were a little difficult to see at times.

In terms of the MAGS version I think this is feature-complete now - once I've made sure it's stable and I've added a few extra bits of polish it's ready to go.  I'll probably make a few improvements and release it as a cheap game on Itch later (it will be free to my Patrons of course).

Wednesday 6 January 2021

Fishy game

Yes, I've decided that when I'm involved in a game jam and don't have any particular Captain Disaster news for you, I'm going to plague you with updates on my jam games instead.  

This one's going well (for MAGS January 2021) - I now have all the basic mechanics in places, up to a thousand fish on screen, and sharks randomly eating your shoals.   I've replaced the placeholders with what (by my standards) is some pretty nice pixel art, although apart from the sharks it's difficult to see much.

Just need to work on the game's win / lose state and maybe add another element or two.  

Oh and I have come up with a terrible pun title that I truly love - "Shoaly You'r Not Serious". 😆

Tuesday 5 January 2021

And now for something completely different...

 ... if you follow me on Twitter you may know that I am the designer for The Corruption Within, which we will have a demo available for soon.

In the meantime I am joining the MAGS game jam for the first time in forever, it's going to be a fishy game... it's kind of hard to make out from the screenshots what's happening, but basically you move around collecting fish who then become part of your shoal.  I'm going to add sharks to eat you later... when I can get the core mechanics right (they're mostly okay but struggling with keeping the shoal members inside the area they should be for some reason, probably me being stupid somehow!