Monday, 15 October 2018

New video review

This one is... *GASP* ... a "duelling" game review!  Will our little game survive?!?

Well... actually, we've come out of it rather well, with an overall rating of 8/10.  Pleased with that! :-)  Even if he did say that the graphics look like they come from "pre-history"...

"Pick it up, you won't be disappointed"

Friday, 12 October 2018

Something for the weekend?

If you like the sound of a game that has been described by reviewers as:

  • "a good old school point"
  • "an incredibly in-depth adventure"
  • "an absolutely bonkers, dangerous, grand adventure"
  • "well-written with a delightful sense of comic humor"
  • "a throwback point and click adventure with a nice, comical, story"
  • "everything a point and click game should be and more!"
  • "a light-hearted comedy adventure with a few head-scratching puzzles"

then rejoice!  For it is on sale this weekend.  If you don't want to buy now, you can download the demo to get a good idea of the gameplay and what passes for humour in the game. :-D

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Captain Disaster caught in the sights of The Reticule

Fortunately the reviewer rated us as "On Target" (Above average game, certain aspects or niggles making the game not for everyone but a stand out example of the genre), saying "As a nod to classic Sierra adventures and celebration of science fiction, D:HBTAMSDCI performs remarkably well."  Okay fair enough, I don't know quite how he came up with that abbreviation, or how he managed to complete the entire game in 2 hours!  Still, it's a nice review, so if you want, go and...

Friday, 5 October 2018

Stomping new review by X-Geeks

I sent X-Geeks a review copy some time ago and the review is now out - we are extremely happy with it!  

"For gamers passionate about point and click games, Captain Disaster is a shining example of the genre. The array of unique and interesting puzzles is perfectly blended with quirky humour, pop culture references and skilled storytelling. It’s everything a point and click game should be and more!"

Read the full review