Wednesday 31 October 2018

More Views = Less Price!

  • 10,000 Views on Itch = 10% off
  • 9,250 Views = 8%
  • 8,500 Views = 6%
  • 7,750 Views = 4%
  • 7,000 Views = 2%

Current views: 6,398

You have the whole of November to get viewing!  Games such as AGS Cycles, BlindSweeper, Space Tunneler Deluxe and Daleks await... 

Check out more December Sale Details

Tuesday 30 October 2018

Even mooooooooooar December sale details

  • 10% will come off if I hit a 1,000 downloads for all of my games 
  • 8% will come off if I hit 950 downloads
  • 6% will come off if I hit 900 downloads
  • 4% will come off if I hit 850 downloads
  • 2% will come off if I hit 800 downloads

See this post for more details of the December Sale and how you can make it even more... er... saley.

Monday 29 October 2018

Further December Sale Details

I am going to make the discount targets a little more detailed for our December sale.

For both Followers on Itch and Demo Downloads of Stomping Boots, if they reach 100, it will represent 10% off the price when the sale is on.  However I am now adding stages towards that target:

  • 80 = 2%
  • 85 = 4%
  • 90 = 6% 
  • 95 = 8% 
  • 100 = 10%

So if the main target isn't reached, every follow / download can still go towards lowering the price.

Will add details of the other metrics soon...

(Incidentally, with 80 demo downloads, 12% off is already guaranteed, and only 1 more follower is needed to make it 14%.)

Thursday 25 October 2018

December Sale Details

Okay so here's what we're going to do - we're going to run a sale from 1st to 9th December.

But this will be an INTERACTIVE sale (sort of) - much fun and stuff.

I've got a few targets I'd like the reach, and the more targets that are met, the more I will reduce the price of the game for this sale.  It's innovative or something.  Anyway...

  • I'll take 10% off the price anyway, because I'm nice
  • Followers on Itch:
    • 90 Followers = 10% off
    • 88 Followers = 8% off
    • 85 Followers = 6% off
    • 82 Followers = 4% off
    • 80 Followers = 2% off
  • Demo Downloads for Captain Disaster in: Death Has A Million Stomping Boots:
    • 92 Demo Downloads = 12% off
    • 90 Demo Downloads = 10% off
    • 88 Demo Downloads = 8% off
    • 85 Demo Downloads = 6% off
    • 82 Demo Downloads = 4% off
    • 80 Demo Downloads = 2% off
  • Downloads for all of my games on Itch
    • 830 Downloads = 10% off
    • 815 Downloads = 8% off
    • 800 Downloads = 6% off
    • 785 Downloads = 4% off
    • 770 Downloads = 2% off
  • Views on Itch 
    • 6,900 Views = 10% off
    • 6,800 Views = 8% off
    • 6,700 Views = 6% off
    • 6,600 Views = 4% off
    • 6,500 Views = 2% off
  • Ratings for Stomping Boots:
    • 20 Ratings = 10%
    • 19 Ratings = 8%
    • 18 Ratings = 6%
    • 17 Ratings = 4%
    • 16 Ratings = 2%
  • Followers on Twitter:
    • 2,600 Followers = 2% (taken off the higher tiers as clearly not going to happen - will keep this one despite followers dropping back under 2,600 though!)
So, depending on the above, the game could end up being a whopping 60% off the normal price!  

If you fancy getting the game at a discount, get viewing, following, or downloading one of my free games - every little helps towards hitting those targets!

Current discount figure: 40%

Wednesday 24 October 2018

14th comment on the AGS Games Page

This from The Suitor, who discovered that the game had been released upon revisiting the AGS forums after quite some time away:

"I tried to write a clever and in-depth review here, but there's really only one thing to say. This game is entertaining as hell!"

Couldn't have put it better myself! :-D

From 13 ratings on the AGS games page we now have the following cumulative ratings:

Visual: 80%
Immersion: 92%
Puzzles & Pacing: 94%
Overall Enjoyment: 91%

Tuesday 23 October 2018

Ratings request! :-)

Sunday 21 October 2018

Another new review on Itch

Another 5* review :-)

"If you enjoy retro point and click adventures with funny dialogues and all kind of crazy scfi characters... this is definitely your game. Our hero may look more like the anti-hero himself, but he is bold and determined trying to find his way in chaos to do the right thing. I join the Captain D fanclub! :-D"

Haven't got the game yet?  Get it on Itch!  (We're "too indie" for Steam...;-p)

Anyone interested in the game but not played the demo yet?

People of earth, it has come to my attention that not many people have played the demo of Captain Disaster in: Death Has A Million Stomping Boots.

This situation cannot be allowed to continue!

Please use a download option below:

You can also download the demo from Itch or FireFlower Games.

People of earth, don't allow this deplorable situation to continue or your entire solar system shall be eaten by a small dog.


Transmission ends.

Monday 15 October 2018

New video review

This one is... *GASP* ... a "duelling" game review!  Will our little game survive?!?

Well... actually, we've come out of it rather well, with an overall rating of 8/10.  Pleased with that! :-)  Even if he did say that the graphics look like they come from "pre-history"...

"Pick it up, you won't be disappointed"

Friday 12 October 2018

Something for the weekend?

If you like the sound of a game that has been described by reviewers as:

  • "a good old school point"
  • "an incredibly in-depth adventure"
  • "an absolutely bonkers, dangerous, grand adventure"
  • "well-written with a delightful sense of comic humor"
  • "a throwback point and click adventure with a nice, comical, story"
  • "everything a point and click game should be and more!"
  • "a light-hearted comedy adventure with a few head-scratching puzzles"

then rejoice!  For it is on sale this weekend.  If you don't want to buy now, you can download the demo to get a good idea of the gameplay and what passes for humour in the game. :-D

Wednesday 10 October 2018

Captain Disaster caught in the sights of The Reticule

Fortunately the reviewer rated us as "On Target" (Above average game, certain aspects or niggles making the game not for everyone but a stand out example of the genre), saying "As a nod to classic Sierra adventures and celebration of science fiction, D:HBTAMSDCI performs remarkably well."  Okay fair enough, I don't know quite how he came up with that abbreviation, or how he managed to complete the entire game in 2 hours!  Still, it's a nice review, so if you want, go and...

Friday 5 October 2018

Stomping new review by X-Geeks

I sent X-Geeks a review copy some time ago and the review is now out - we are extremely happy with it!  

"For gamers passionate about point and click games, Captain Disaster is a shining example of the genre. The array of unique and interesting puzzles is perfectly blended with quirky humour, pop culture references and skilled storytelling. It’s everything a point and click game should be and more!"

Read the full review