Currently available eBooks (for Amazon Kindle and compatible):

A comedy science fiction short story collection, and some preview information on the point and click adventure games featuring Captain Disaster. 

This collection contains the first 11 stories featuring the space-faring nitwit, as he travels the galaxy finding extraordinary creatures and extraneous plot devices.

Captain Disaster sleep-walks his way onto a moon with a terrible secret. Will he escape the danger, find help from the moon's inhabitants, endure the many dreadful puns, and get back home?

This short story of 10.5K words is based on the point and click adventure game of the same name, with a few differences thrown in to make things more interesting and add more character interaction. 

Answering distress calls can be a tricky business, as Captain Disaster has found out before - but he's a good-hearted individual so of course he answers yet another one. 

At first there doesn't seem to be any danger, just a couple of odd aliens with a unique business plan - but things soon take a turn for the worst as it emerges that they are not alone on the planet.

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