Thursday 26 July 2012

Time to start testing...

... we've now reached the stage where almost everything is in place for the demo - with a few tweaks here and there, along with the addition of some voice lines, the demo is pretty much complete.  Not ready for release yet though as we now begin an extensive testing period to make sure any bugs or errors are ironed out before we actually release it.  We're currently looking towards the end of August -  we have a specific date in mind but that won't be made public until we can be 100% sure of keeping to it.

Producing the demo will have taken approximately 4 months from the date we first began to develop the idea.  Bearing in mind how much bigger the full game will be I do wonder if my estimate of releasing the game by the end of the year is a little too optimistic, but we have learned quite a lot along the way that should  help speed up development so I'm still hoping that 2012 might be possible.  Of course Resonance (and possibly The Journey Down HD version) is going to sweep the 2012 AGS Awards so maybe leaving it to next year might have some extra merit!  I would hope that we'd be in with a shout for the Best Demo category though. 

More news soon!  (Actually I was going to post another video for you but our programmer felt we were releasing too much that should be a nice surprise for people when they play the demo, and I grudgingly had to admit that he does have a point...)


  1. Looking forward to playing the demo! Although I'm on holiday for the first two weeks of September so I'll have to give it a miss until I get back. Should be good to come back to though, and I'll be sure to post my impressions too :-)

  2. Enjoy your holiday, and hopefully enjoy the demo too when you come back! I'l looking forward to seeing what you (and others) think about the game so far.