Thursday 18 October 2012

Quick Update...

... steady progress is being made on both Death Has a Million Stomping Boots and There's a Hole in my Galaxy.  Also if anyone is planning to go to the Adventure-X event in London on 15th & 16th December you should be able to see something new regarding both games; it's hoped that a playable build of the first part of both games will be available.  I may be there presenting something on the games or if that's not possible Mark from Screen7 (who will be publishing DHAMSB) will present something.

At any rate work continues, although I'm reluctant to give a specific release date for either game at this rate.  More news soon, including (possibly) an ebook release and fundraiser - I'm not saying any more right now because we haven't entirely decided what to go ahead with and how to do it.  Whatever the news is, you'll see it here first!

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