Saturday 17 August 2013

Captain Disaster in "The Dark Side of the Moon" - stats and feedback so far

Game page view - 497
Game downloads - 140


"This is a pretty interesting game, when you start the game you notice that there's work put into this. The music is well done and the game uses low-resolution graphics, I am not sure if that is the final graphics or not, looks cool as it is though."

"Nice game, the background is a little grating after a while, but that's only me nitpicking as I couldn't really find much else to fault. :)

Puzzles were pretty well balanced and if not for the lack of possibly some more of the more inventive ones (you know which one i mean!) and a few too many basic object combining/using it really was a very professional set of puzzles."

"I really like the music, and the games kept me entertained for the little while I've played it so far."

"Heh, I like the hilarious profile you gave to this game, the lo-res graphics do the trick as well, but in my opinion there should be something to skip all the walking, it becomes a little tedious after a while."
"I love the writing!  Much humor."
"This was a fun little game which I really enjoyed."

So I'm pleased to say that it seems we have managed to do what we set out to do - create a short but sweet slice of adventure gaming that people would enjoy playing.

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