Wednesday 10 June 2015

Progress update... Act III

Firstly, apologies for the lack of posts here.  Real life has taken its toll and left TheBitPriest and I less time than we would like to work on the game; however, we have made a lot of progress towards getting Act III finished, we're probably about half-way there.  It's pretty much just the big climax to do now.  Then we'll be going back through the whole game and polishing things up, letting the testers have a go at breaking it, and finally when all's looking good adding the voice acting.

I plan to have another update with some Act III screenshots up soon.  Last time I played Act III it was a great experience (partly because TBP had added in some extra bits that I didn't even know about, and they really added to the game :-D), I'm really looking forward to having the game soon that can be completed from start to finish.

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