Monday 21 March 2016


We're finalising the details of as special pre-order / investment deal for Captain Disaster in Death Has a Million Stomping Boots, along with our sponsor GoldPieces (GP).  Basically, there will be a window of 3 months during which interested parties will be able to pre-order the game and get their name in the credits, plus higher tiers to help us with funding now with the promise of GP per unit sold in the first 3 months after the game's official launch (at this time we have not set a final date on that).  All transactions for this will be made using GP.  This pre-order using crytpocurrency only will be (as far as we are aware) a world first!  Hoping to finish up specific details for a launch during April to June 2016.  [Just to clarify, I'm talking about a launch of the pre-order scheme, not the game itself!]

In other news, I have not fully voiced all other characters for the talkie version of our freeware game Captain Disaster in: The Dark Side of the Moon.  I have done about a third of the Captain's own voice lines.  Hoping to release this within a few weeks - depends how much quiet time I can get to finish off the voice lines (sadly in my house with 2 young children, "quiet time" isn't something that really happens much)...  Perhaps voicing every character myself wasn't the best idea - it seemed like a good one at the time for some reason!

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