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Thursday, 13 June 2019

2 new Captain Disaster projects in the works...

... before you get excited about a new point and click adventure game featuring the gormless captain (come on admit it, two people on this planet actually were moderately excited for a moment) this isn't about a new game.  Currently my circumstances don't really allow me much time or head space for gamedev.

However, I'm not idle and the CD universe is in need of expansion.  Therefore I have 2 projects currently on the go:

The Captain Disaster Revised Short Story Audiobooks - I'm taking the original 11 short stories that started the whole thing off, reworking them slightly to better fit the audiobook format, and then recording them.  

Here's a quick sample:

Also I have started working on the novelisation of Captain Disaster: Death Has A Million Stomping Boots.  I have some screenshots to prove it (though it must be noted that it is very early days with this project...):

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