Thursday 3 May 2012

Concept Art for the Captain Disaster character

Many thanks to WHAM for his help with this (check out the development thread for his game "He Watches")!  Will possibly change of course but this should be the basic character design:

Before you ask yes, the colours really are supposed to be that gaudy!  The Captain is a Disaster after all...

Will have to make a decision on screen resolution - we had been intending to go for 320x200, but not so suto re the sprites would work so well with this.  When resized to our original character dimensions it looks less defined and I'm pretty sure will be more difficult animate - it does have a certain MI2 vibe, but even so... I'm not too sure about it.  Anyway I'll see what my partner in crime thinks and we'll come to a decision.

Anyway, the game is progressing quite nicely so far, though I'm still not too keen to pin a release date on Episode One at the moment.

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