Tuesday 15 May 2012

A New Direction...

... originally I had been planning on releasing 11 episodes based on the short story episodes, but to be honest the stories don't lend themselves to it very well at all - too much humour and plot development relies on random chaos!  So we've decided to move onto a new idea - bigger games, with a completely developed plot, just featuring some elements from the stories if they fit okay.  The idea is now to do much bigger games than I'd originally planned, and although nothing's set in stone yet, I really like the idea of making this a commercial venture rather than freeware.  To do this we'll obviously need to make sure that the game is both long enough and good enough to warrant charging for it, but I think with the talented people already involved, that shouldn't be a problem...  More news on that when things start to develop and get confirmed.

In other news, I've decided to create the Captain Disaster Collection - Compact Edition Ebook, which I'll release soon - this will contain the 11 episodes and a short description of how the character and ideas have been used to create the computer game.  As the title suggests this will be a bit more compactly formatted, and also significantly cheaper than the current edition of Space Oddity

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