Monday 10 September 2012

Latest download stats

From AGS: 293
From ModDB: 31
Total: 324 downloads

(There are probably a few other sites that are hosting the demo download now but I'm not about to try to keep track of them all!!)

If possible we're encouraging people to download and leave comments / ratings on the AGS games page.

Comments so far:

The overall production quality of this demo is top notch. The animations are fantastic, the humor is lovely, the references are many, definitely a wonderful game.

I really liked it. I thought it was funny and engaging and challenging without being too frustrating. I really wanted to keep playing and would have bought it immediately if game was complete.
I really loved this demo and literally laughed out loud at certain parts of the demo! I can't wait for the full game, the humour is brilliant and the voice acting really adds to the experience! Great job guys!
I really enjoyed the demo and I look forward to the full game.

Ratings so far:

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