Monday 23 January 2017

The Captain Disaster Collection - reduced this Wednesday and Thursday

From 08:00 (PST), The Captain Disaster Collection will be available for just $1.99 (instead of $2.99) for 48 hours.

Reviews so far:

"Think Red Dwarf meets Hitchhiker's Guide meets all of your other childhood favourites. Highly readable, highly nonsensical, highly recommended."  5 stars

" a sci-fi parody with lots of silly humor, weird characters and wild ideas. In its best moments it evokes the spirit of Douglas Adams... this little ebook with its fast-paced writing style is highly entertaining"  4 stars

"definitely worth checking out if you love sci-fi comedies...  You'll soon find yourself fully immersed and waiting on the edge of your seat for what comes next."  5 stars

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  1. And about the release candidate of Captain Disaster?

    1. It is coming soon, very soon... putting last-minute polish on it then a final batch of testing, and then we're sending it out to the wide world!! :-D

    2. Please update if it's possible

  2. Will have a major update soon. Unfortunately there are only so many times you can say "we just want to do a tiny bit more testing before releasing the game" before it gets boring... but honestly we are really, REALLY close now.

    Thanks for your continued interest in the game! :-) Hope you find it's worth the wait.