Friday 3 March 2017

BIG Update Post

Okay folks, this is a biggie.  Acts I & II are 99.99% done, we have just sent off the build to our testers for one final week of testing.  Provided they find nothing major that has somehow been overlooked before, that is Acts I & II done.  Finished.  Complete.  Finito.  Also, other adjectives meaning done.

We have not yet made a final decision on whether to release the game as one complete package, or split it into 2 parts and release those separately.  Obviously if we release the complete game, it will still take us a few months to finish up Act III, but that still might be the best option.  More news on that soon.  Feel free to post a comment if you have a preference as to how the game is released!

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  1. How many months are we talking about? I would like to play it now but i prefer complete games.

  2. Sorry for lack of reply, been away for a week.
    We estimate 6 months or hopefully less.

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