The Rat Pack

You're a young rat trying to make his way in the world, and start off with a small commission from King Rat.  By setting up colonies in different locations, completing mission objectives and rising up the ratty echelons  you can eventually hit the big time - but it won't be easy!

Do you have what it takes to be a true leader among rats?

The Rat Pack is a turn-based strategy game with 100 achievements to earn!

The story is split into 3 Chapters:

- Humble Beginnings (well a rat's gotta start somewhere, you know?!)

- Moving on Up (Still in the country, but living life lush!)

- The Modern Urban Rat (this is it boy, we're moving into the city!  YAY... but beware all the extra humans of course...)

Each Chapter contains 5 Missions with its own specific objectives, as you slowly start from the yuckiest places to grander surroundings.  Eventually, you hope to become a Royal Adviser to King Rat! 

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