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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

If we did an IndieGoGo fundraiser...

... what would you like to see as incentives?  Apart from pre-ordering the game, which is what I guess most people will want... I've seen various things on other fundraisers, such as being named as an executive producer, merchandise related to the game, naming a character in the game etc... but what would YOU want to see if you could name your reward for helping fund the game?

This is purely hypothetical at the moment, we haven't made a definite decision on whether to do a fundraiser. Rest assured that whatever happens we are committed to completing and releasing this game; if it seemed likely that we could actually manage to raise enough to think about working on the game full time, we'd definitely do it (but I think that may be a little too optimistic right now!).  If we did a fundraiser for this it would in fact be more likely that the funds would assist us in making the sequel more than this first game, which puts us in another catch-22; if you like the game you'll probably want to see a sequel, but you won't know if you like the game until you get to play it... 

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