Monday 4 June 2012

Playable Demo - delayed, but for a good reason

Good news and bad news - we had been looking at releasing the playable demo of Death Has a Million Stomping Boots around the end of May, but this has proved unrealistic given that we've also decided to expand the scope of the demo.  We could actually have managed a release this week or perhaps even last week, but there would have been very little actual gameplay, probably a few placeholder graphics and animations, and maybe some lines that hadn't been voiced yet.  So rather than do that, we've taken the view that delaying the release of the playable demo, but making that demo longer and adding much more detail to the game environment, was the right way to go.  We're probably looking at a release date of around the end of June.

Obviously I'll keep you posted on more news!  Things are going well so far, and we have a new artist and new musician involved along with all the existing team members.  I hope you to able to post some concept art of the first few game locations soon.

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