Friday 19 January 2018

6th comment on AGS Games Page

The comments are coming in thick and fast (well, relatively speaking) but for some reason we still have less than the 5 individual ratings to give an overall score!  Agonising!!  (If you've played the game and haven't rated it yet I'd be massively grateful for your honest ratings on the AGS Game Page!)

Still it is a VERY nice comment. :-)

"Really hilarious comedy point-and-click of the classic sort. Any fan of Space Quest would love this to pieces. Puzzles are spot-on, never really got stuck for any extreme length of time and yet they were not too easy either. Right in the Goldilocks Zone! Visuals are nice and pay homage to the old school point and clicks and work for the retro pixel art aesthetic that this game is going for. (Side note: Captain D's surprised face cracks me up. I order at Starbucks with that face and it never fails to crack the barrista up either.) If you like your British humor extra cheesy with a cheesy stuffed crust and smothered in cheese sauce (as many old-school p-n-cs were) then you will love this. There are so many sci-fi references in here, if it was any more dense with Whovian, Star Trek, Star Wars and other 20th-century IP callbacks it would turn into a neutron star with the face of the Cat from Red Dwarf.

I give it 6 1/2 faux Alan Rickmans out of 5! :D"

This comment comes from SilverSpook, who is a fellow dev (he made the very highly regarded Neofeud) and also streamed himself playing Captain Disaster in: Death Has A Million Stomping Boots.

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