Tuesday 9 January 2018

Captain Disaster in: Death Has A Million Stomping Boots – Walkthrough – Act III

Interact with the door – put in any number, it doesn’t matter, it’ll be wrong.  Head down to StarDucks.  Interact with the Dumpster twice – first to open it, then to search it.  What is this Strange Device?  Interact with it to check it out – whoa!  It’s an invisibility device!  But... it doesn’t last very long.  Look at the Strange Device – hmm, seems that if we can find a natural source of energy, we might be able to recharge these batteries. 

Enter StarDucks.  Talk to the Waitress.  Talk to the Barista – you get a Java Lava.  Talk to the Artist and make sure you do the dialogue regarding Biciloti – you now have a Biscotti.  Pick up a Pool Stick (not sure why it’s not a Pool Cue, but there you go.)  Exit the cafe and head for the Rocky Area.  Talk to the Archaeologist.  Give him the Book – he will give you the Ancioscope in return.  But it needs a bit of fixing – more on this later.

Go back to the Coffee Shop – the Waitress is receiving an order from the General.  He loves his coffee!  Whilst she’s away, use the Pool Cue on the Gap under the Counter to push the control of the Barista’s seat.  (CD won’t do it with the Waitress there.)   Gran the Seasoning Shaker to get hold of some of that lovely explosive Dutainium.  Go to the Rocky Area again.  Use the Dutainium on the Rocks.  Now use the Biscotti on the Dutainium (to delay the explosion).  Then use the Java Lava on the Dutainium with Biscotti. 

As Jurgen Klopp would say - Boom! 

Enter the Cave.   Check out the Pictograph.  Use the Ancioscope on the Pictograph.  The Archaeologist wasn’t joking about this thing needing fixing!  Okay, so maybe a coloured lens of some kind... hmm, didn’t the Artist have rose-coloured glasses?  Go back to Star Ducks and talk to the Artist again - there is a new dialogue option.  Basically you have to upset the Artist by telling him that you hate his art.  Eventually he will give you his glasses – that was the problem, you can see how awesome his art is now!  Unfortunately without the pink lenses he view his own work in quite as positive a manner.  So he lets you keep the glasses while he ponders his life choices.  Use the Rose-Coloured Glasses with the Anxioscope.

Go back to the cave and use the Repaired Ancioscope with the Pictograph.  You see a strange creature with divisions of colour – Blue – Green – Blue – Red – Green – Red – Green.  There are 3 caves with energy pools in just past the pictograph – the first is Red, the second Green, the third Blue.  You have to fill the Java Lava cup with energy in the order shown on the Pictograph.  Then use the Java Lava with the Dead Batteries.  Use the Charged Batteries with the Invisibility Device.  That should last longer!

The next bit is a timing puzzle.  Go to the Military base.  You can hear the General make is orders for more coffee.  If you don’t time things right the Waitress will see you and shoo you off.  You can see the General’s silhouette at the window – when he moves away from the window after ordering is the time to turn on your Invisibility Device.  You have to stand by the window, close enough to see the code being entered, but not close enough to the door to prevent the Waitress from reaching it.  Once you have seen the code being entered and the Waitress has left, you only need to Interact with the Door to enter.

After listening to the General’s speech, go right to the Entryway.  Pick up the Old Coffee Cup.  Look at it in your inventory and you will get a Stirrer.  Go left to where the scientists are.  Use the Invisibility Device and go left to Interact with the Panel.  From your hiding place, use the Old Coffee Cup with the Vent.  Use the Invisibility Device again and head for the Nook.  Oops!  The scientists have worked out where the smell is coming from and turn off the thermostat.  Since the scientists can smell you with their tremendous olfactory scenes, you can’t leave the Nook now.  Interact with the Control Panel (depending on exactly where you’re standing you might not be able to see it, but the hotspot will still react).  Use the Metal Coffee Stirrer on each Screw (only 2 of them, at the top of the Control Panel).  It’s time to do some destroying!  There are 5 Components in total – 3 can be picked out straight away, and 2 need to be dug out with the Metal Coffee Stirrer.   Look at the long Component, then use the Metal Coffee Stirrer on it to split it in two.  Not put all the Components back – you can’t put them back where they came from and CD won’t put them in the wrong place (well, you know, not in the WRONG wrong place), so it’s not difficult to solve.  When you smell smoke, the scientists will leave thinking the machinery has gone wrong, and you will exit the location.

Now you’re on a set of platforms... you start at the top.   Head round the corner to the left.  You will find yourself at a Bog Panel, but you can’t use it yet.  Go round to the left again as far as you can.  Interact with the Small Panel.  Go to the exit you can see above and to the left.  This takes you back to the top!  Go back to the Big Panel and Use it.  A boot will come down to the Conveyor Belt (by the Small Panel).  Go to the Conveyor Belt and Interact with it to get the Boot.  Go back to the top and Use the Boot on the Cute (hey that rhymes!).  Go back down to the Conveyor Belt area again (last time I promise!) and this time walk off to the bottom left – click just left of the pylon immediately to CD’s left.  Then click at the bottom of the pathway at the middle of the screen.

You’re at the last bit!  Interact with the Computer.  There’s a BIG RED BUTTON!  This time, a BIG RED BUTTON that you DO press.  You have to fix the General’s flying chair so that it goes completely out of control.  To do this you need to have Power on full, Boost and Sensitivity as high as they can go for the system (there’s an Instruction Card), and Gravity set to be as low as possible without it immediately being obvious to the General that something’s wrong.

These are the settings:

Power: 7
Boost: 5
Sensitivity: 5
Gravity Stabiliser: 3

Congratulations, you have completed the game!  I mean sure, if you used this walkthrough you had more than a little help, but you still had to click the mouse in the right places, right? J

Hope you enjoy the end cut scenes!

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