Saturday 6 January 2018

Captain Disaster in The Dark Side of the Moon - Walkthrough

Left-click = INTERACT, Right-click=LOOK

You can largely go through the game without using LOOK, but you will miss out on a lot of the jokes and storyline details if you do If you are finding all the walking around to be just too much, go to the options menu and speed up the game using the Game Speed Slider (though this will put some sound effects and wait functions out of sync).

This walkthrough shows you how to complete the game – but not how to get the achievements, and there is much more to do / explore in the game than is necessary to simply complete the game.


1. GO south past the Totem Pole until you come to a Rubbish Bin

2. INTERACT with Rubbish Bin – you get a Used Ticket

3. GO southwest

4. INTERACT with spaceship – you get Sealant Spray and a Phaser

5. USE Sealant Spray with Used Ticket to create Ticket (Like New)

6. GO northeast until you reach the Monolith

7. USE the Ticket with the Monolith

8. USE Train

9. GO east to the Battle Site

10. INTERACT with the Battle Site – you get a Bjork Hand

11. Watch cut scene

12. Go southwest

13. LOOK at Huge Diamond

14. INTERACT with the Mining Rig just south of here

15. GO north

16. USE Train

17. GO west until you get to the Camper Van

18. INTERACT with the Camper Van

19. INTERACT with Duct Tape to pick it up

20. USE Enhancement Lens on Phaser to create Enhanced Phaser

21. USE Enhanced Phaser on Toolkit

22. INTERACT with Toolkit – you get Crowbar and Jump Leads

23. EXIT location

24. GO back to the Train, then USE the Crowbar on the Crate south of the Battle Site – the Interact with the Crate – to get the Hoverboard for a quicker way to move around – you can
also fly over the mountains)

25. GO west across the mountains past the Monkey Head but not as far as the Totem Pole, then go north until you get to the StarGate Controls

26. INTERACT with StarGate Controls

27. USE Crowbar on Panel

28. INTERACT with Dull Crystal to pick it up

29. EXIT location

30. GO south until you reach the Ice

31. When you walk on the ice you slide across to the other side – you need to knock the Ice Cube in the middle off the ice – you may need several attempts to do this (advise saving game prior to this because there is a very rare bug that can crash the game when you’re on the ice which we haven’t been able to isolate and fix)

32. USE Phaser on Ice Block – you receive Small Flying Saucer

33. USE Jump Leads on Dull Crystal

34. USE Dull Crystal with Jump Leads on Small Flying Saucer to create Active Flying Saucer

35. Use Duct Tape on Active Flying Saucer, and then USE that with Bjork Hand to create… a Flying Hand!

36. GO south then east and enter Hotel

37. Walk right

38. USE Flying Hand with Buttons

39. INTERACT with Lift

40. GO to First Floor

41. INTERACT with Megaphone to pick it up

42. USE Phaser on Beachball Alien – you get Small Cube

43. INTERACT with Lift

44. GO to Third Floor

45. Interact with Widget to pick it up

46. INTERACT with Lift

47. GO to Fourth Floor

48. INTERACT with bed – find StarGate Manual

49. INTERACT with Lift

50. GO to Ground Floor

51. USE Widget with Transmat

52. USE Transmat

53. INTERACT with third drawer in wardrobe to open it

54. LOOK at third drawer – you get Suspenders

55. USE Transmat

56. INTERACT with Floyd

57. Ask about Massive Diamond

58. Ask about repairing the diamond

59. EXIT dialogue

60. Watch cut scene

61. EXIT hotel

62. USE Cube in Slot

63. USE Megaphone on Crazy Diamond

64. Shout “SHINE ON”

65. Repeat two more times – the Crazy Diamond is now active

66. GO south to the Deep Chasm

67. Find the Outcrop near the tip of the chasm

68. USE the Suspenders on the Outcrop – CD will use them to enter the chasm, find an Energy Crystal, and come back up

69. GO back to StarGate Controls and INTERACT with them

70. USE the new Crystal in the Open Panel

71. Look at the StarGame Manual. On Page 79 you will see that there is a code to get the “Last Caller” SGIP – from the 12 o’clock 4 Apple logos, 4 Commodore logos. 4 Windows logos and 4 Atari logos. Left-clicking on the buttons rotates the icons forwards, Right-clicking rotates them backwards. Use the buttons to set the StarGate to these settings, then press the big orange Activation button.

72. You will see the icons change. Use the key in the StarGate Manual (Page 99) to see which symbols to swap round: 1 and 10, 2 and 14, 3 and 7, 4 and 6, 5 and 11, 8 and 9, 12 and 16, 13 and 15. If you picked up the Digital Camera from on top of one of the wardrobes in the hotel, you can take a picture to remind you if you need to (but pen and paper works well here!). There’s no use trying to cheat by asking someone else what the final code is – it is set randomly each game. If the worst comes to the worst and you get mixed up, and you didn’t use the Digital Camera, you’ll have to perform the “Last Caller SGIP” step again.

73. Enjoy the closing cut scene and, if you feel like it, watch the credits roll!

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