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Captain Disaster in: Death Has A Million Stomping Boots – Walkthrough - Act I

Quick notes – Left-click = Interact, Right-Click=Talk, Inventory Bar is at the top of the screen.
Hope you have fun playing this game, whether you need to refer to this walkthrough or not!
This walkthrough takes you through the essential steps you will need to go through in order to complete the game. 
Please note that if you do ONLY these things you will miss out on a lot of jokes and cheesy voice acting.  We designed the game to reward exploration and imaginative thinking as much as possible.

Act I

The first thing you have to do when you can control the player is find the manual.  I mean you don’t need a hint for that, do you?  Really?  Okay, it’s near the bottom of the screen.  Then use the HUD.  It doesn’t matter what you type in here.

After you transport down to the planet, you will have the planet’s language downloaded into your brain – OH NO!  It only half worked.  Apart from the aliens who can speak English (Customs Official and Speeder Saleswoman) and the robots you encounter, you will be able to understand what the natives say, but not be able to communicate with them.  Well you CAN make random noises at them, since very sound means SOMETHING in the Acturan language, but the response may not be helpful.  (If you want to try doing this though there are some hints in the game and some jokes that you won’t encounter otherwise – it’s up to you!)

Go through all the available dialogues with the Customs Official.  The try to walk through the security gate to the Custom Official’s left (well, his right, but left of him as it appears on the screen) – you will be searched.  Eek!  You find out that jelly babies – and jelly alies – are contraband on Acturus-1.  Pick up the Leaflet – this has a map on it, which you can access to travel between areas by looking Looking At or Interacting with the Leaflet.  The map also comes up if you exit any location on Acturus-1.

Hmm... the Marketplace looks interesting but it appears to not be open yet.  Visit the Speeder Showroom instead.  Go through the door and speak to the Speeder Saleswoman.  Go through all the dialogues.  Pick up a Pen from the Pen Holder on the Desk.

Now visit the RoboBar.  You can’t get in yet because you don’t have a Membership Card, but to the right there’s Pile of Rocks and a single Rock by itself.  Pick up the Rock – there’s a Worm underneath.  Pick up the worm.  Yuk! – but, you now have a worm. 

Go to the Marketplace.  Two traders share jokes, among which is that they played a prank on the Customs Official – apparently he is really scared of glow worms.  Travel to the other side of the marketplace and go through the small entrance on the right-hand side, near where the mystic sits.  (You don’t actually need to talk to the Mystic at all to complete the game, but you might find him amusing – similarly with the News Ticker, they’re there for laughs and hints only.)  Use the Worm with the Florescent Paint.  Go out of the shop and walk to the left a little.  Take an Application form.

Now go to the Customs Office.  Use the Pen on the Application Form and then post the form in the Post Box.  You find out that the snail mail on this planet is delivered to the Rubbish Dump.  Unfortunately you can’t go there yet!  Use the Glow Worm on the Customs Official.  While he’s hiding under the desk, pick up the Contraband Detector.

Now that we’ve got the Contraband Detector, what can we do with it?  Go to the Marketplace.  You may have already noticed a small box underneath Denzel’s stall (the one selling weapons with the floating red alien).  Stand next to this and use the Contraband Detector.  Aha!  It’s a box of Jelly Alies.  You can’t pick it up yet – but if you try, it shouldn’t be long before Tony calls his buddy Denzel over for a joke he can’t “say out loud”.  While Denzel is away from his stall, pick up the Jelly Alies.  While you’re there, help yourself to a Flash Grenade.  If you’re not quick enough to get both, you’ll just have to wait till Denzel is away from the stall again – this happens intermittently anyway, and you trying to pick up either the Jelly Alies or Flash Grenade should help encourage it to happen quicker.

Got to the shop on the left of Ten-Eyed Tony’s stall (“Ralph’s Rocks”).   You could take the Meteorite and give it to the RoboBouncer – it won’t help, but you might be amused.  Then again you might not.  Anyway, you might notice that Ralph eats rather a lot.  What’s that in his stomach?   Could it be a Membership Card?  It is!  That tummy looks pretty full... perhaps if Ralph eats something else, it won’t be able to hold any more?  Wait... did Ralph mention that he likes Jelly Alies?  He did!  Give the Jelly Alies to Ralph and... stand back (actually CD will automatically stand back, sensing what will happen next...)  Ugh... disgusting!  But, you now have a Membership Card! 

Exit Ralph’s shop and go to the Bank, just to the right of Denzel’s stall.  You don’t need to do anything here – possessing the Flash Grenade is enough to trigger a cut scene.  Hurrah!  You now have 300 Galactic Credits.  Wonder what you can buy with it?  More on that later...  You could pop into the Energy Shop but will be thrown out because you don’t have a King Fan Club card.  But you will get one once you can work out how to get into the Rubbish Dump...

It’s not time to visit the RoboBar, which the RoboBouncer will let you enter now that you have a Membership Card.  Speak to the Bartender (disembodied robotic head on the bar), go through all the dialogue options.  Pick up the Castor Oil (this appears when you ask the Bartender for a drink).  Make sure you pick up the Castor Oil straight away as it seems that under certain circumstances this will disappear after you leave the RoboBar and nor reappear.  Head right – checking out the merry jokes along the way if you check out the posters or robot dancers – and head over to the Competition Area.  Enter the blue booth at the back and talk to the machine.  Go through the dialogues.  Great!  You now have 20,000 Galactic Credits – just the amount you need to buy the Gruntmaster 6000, the worst speeder this side of Alpha Centuri!  You will automatically speak to Sir Mix-A-Bot.  He needs water.  Where did we see some freely available water?  Go to the Marketplace, and go to The Other Side.  Use the Castor Oil with the Fountain.  Now go back to the RoboBar and give the Water to Sir Mix-A-Bot.  The dancers have gone crazy!  One of them is talking to the suspiciously familiar looking robot with the cigar.  You’re going to need that hat – pick it up when the Fembot’s attention is elsewhere.

Go to the Speeder Salesroom.  Speak to the Saleswoman or given her the 20000 Galactic Credits.  You are now the proud owner of a Gruntmaster 6000!  It may be awful but at least you can now go to the Rubbish Dump.  Go on, give it a try!  At the Rubbish Dump entrance head towards the right, and interact with the Security Pylon.  Aha!  Now you know what you needed the hat for, but you need another item of clothing too... go back to the Marketplace, go to the other side and visit  the shop on the left (Harry’s Haberdashery).  Wait!  You can’t make yourself understood in Acturan!  Or... can you?  Since money is a universal language, simply give the 300 Galactic Credits to Tino and he will tell you that this will buy you a Safety Jacket – just the thing to let that pylon know you’re the real deal!  Combine the Security Jacket with the Rubbish Dump Hat to make a grade A “Rubbish Dump Uniform”.  Go back to the Rubbish Dump and try getting scanned again (use the Rubbish Dump Uniform with either the Security Pylon or the Changing Booth).  Success!   You need to walk back and interact with the Speeder to go in as it’s a big place!

You will now see a map of the Rubbish Dump.  Head first to the one labelled “Strange Object”.  Groan at the terrible pun.  Pick up the King Fan Club Membership Card.  Interact with the Monkey Bones to get a Femur.   You can now use your Quadcorder to record sounds – Look at your Quadcorder and set it to Sound Recorder Mode.  Go to the Wreckage at the bottom of the tip.  Use the Quadcorder on the Rib Box to record your melody.  Use the Femur with the Loose Metal Sheet.  Listen to my amazing rendition of Richard Strauss and if you have the volume up high enough you’ll hear my very young at the time daughter joining in.  Pick up the Metal Sheet.  Not go to the Wreckage at the top let.  Use the Metal Sheet with the Oil Pool, then use the Quadcorder on the Oil Pool With Metal Sheet – and you have your Beat.  If you visit the Wreckage to the right of the tip you find a rhythm, but it’s too slow.  Go back to the Marketplace and enter the Energy Shop (right of the Bank).  He will happily let you in now that you are a King Fan Club member.  Interact with the Model.  If you use the Tablet Interface it gives you a poem, with each line a clue to the correct colour.  The answers are pretty easy to find, working out where to put them is perhaps a little less so.  (Although this puzzle can also be solved by trial and error if you decide to go down that route.)  The answers are: Left (top to bottom) Purple – Yellow – Green, Right (top to bottom) Red – Yellow – Black.  Once you’ve solved the puzzle a new interface comes up – you can do them all for fun but the one you need is “Lost”.  This transfers some energy over to V-Ger’s location and makes the engine run faster.  Go back to the Rubbish Dump, Wreckage on the right-hand side, and use the Quadcorder on the Nacelle.  Head back to the RoboBar and talk to Sir Mix-A-Bot.   

After the cut scene, go to the Marketplace.  You can now speak Acturan!  Go to the Energy Shop.  You receive an Energy Phial.  Head to the Other Side.  Talk to Two-Eyed Tina.   If the option to ask her for a favour doesn’t come up, go back to the Customs Official as you have missed a dialogue option.)  She will now vouch for you.  Visit the Haberdashery – you don’t need to in order to complete the game, but you really don’t want to miss it!  Go back to the Customs Office.  Talk to the Customs Official and tell him you’ve found an organic to vouch for you.  Then give him the Energy Phial.  Use the Communicator to talk to Zero-Bit and find out what you need to say to find the contact who has the package you’re supposed to be picking up.  Go to the Marketplace, and to the Other Side.  Enter the shop on the right with the small doorway.  Talk to the guy with the huge nose.

Here endeth Act I!     
 asHas Has

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