Saturday 27 January 2018

9th comment on the AGS Games Page

We're almost into double figures!

"A spoof of the space opera genre that actually manages to be THE best space opera I've seen in years. It's quite simply FUN! It's got a memorable cast of aliens, robots and AI's. It's got an epic finale. But it doesn't take itself very seriously, and pokes fun at everything - especially its main character. He's a slob and he knows it. But he gets things done - even if the whole universe conspires against him.

The game's a classic point&click in every way. It's got simple, neat lo-res graphics, some funky electronic beats, fun puzzles, and lots and lots of humor (that doesn't rely on referencing Space Quest)."

What this commentator probably doesn't know is that I've not really ever played the Space Quest games!  A few minutes getting annoyed with one years ago before giving up was my only experience of the official games.  Have played one or two fan games since.

The nice thing is that I was very much a LucasFilm Games fan growing up, while my co-dev was quite a Sierraphile, so we have a good mix of both,.

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