Monday 8 January 2018

Captain Disaster in: Death Has A Million Stomping Boots – Walkthrough – Act II

First get some items from the Replicator – it will save you some time later.  Get the English Breakfast Tea, Choc-O-Sludge, Marshmallow Brick and Cheese Crunchies.  Travel left tot he Cargo Bay.  Pick up the Gold Spraycan.  Use the Hand Scanner.  Use the Lift.  Open the Storage Cupboard and get the Oily Rag and X-Shaped Stapler.  Go to the right and Look at the Sticky Note on the Starter Motor.  Look at the Quadcorder and turn it to Magnet mode, then Use it on the Copious Dust.  You will find a magnet.  Use the Gold Spraycan on this. Loot at the X-Shaped Stapler – you will have a new speed dial added to your Commentator.  Use the Communicator and speak to Sirius Cybernetics Helpline.  You can now use the Stapler – but you need some kind of anaesthetic.  Just left of the Starter Motor is a Coolant Pipe.  Use that, then quickly Look at the Handscan Printout.  Use the X-shaped Stapler on your thumb.  Use the Gold Ring on your ring finger.  Use the Oily Rag with the left side of your hand.  Use the Cheese Crunchies on the tip of your ring finger, and the Choc-O-Sludge Bar on your Index and Middle Finger.

Go back up in the lift and after the cut scene use the Hand Scanner again.  Pick up the Blue Cup.  Interact with the pillow on the top bunk.  Pick up the Fizzy Drink.  Look at Bedtime Reading.  Go into the Cockpit and pick up the Gravity-Defying Pizza Box.  Interact with the Pizza Box.  Talk to the pizza if you want.  Use the English Breakfast Tea in the Microwave – set it to 10:30 at 40% power.  Go out to the Cargo Bay.  Use the Pizza Box with the Virtual Aquarium.  Look at the Pizza Box and take the Slice of Petrified Pizza. Go down in the Lift again.  Use the Blue Cup with Copious Dust.  Use the Cup with Dust on the Transporter Pad.  Whilst the Broom Alien is busy tidying up the mess you’ve just made, open the Storage Cupboard and get the Jerry Can.  Go and get another cup full of dust, and this time spray it gold.  Set the Quadcorder to Bottle Opener Mode.  Use the Quadcorder on the Fizzy Drink.  One of the trickiest parts of the fuel components puzzles is the firefly – you can’t get one of these so you have to make one.  Use the King Fan Club Card with the Glow Worm.  Hmm...  you need another wing.  Use the RoboBar Membership Card on it.  Still not quite right... use the Pen on the Glowworm with Two Wings.

Now you have all the fuel components, put them in the Jerry Can - Cup of Gold Dust, Funny Looking Tea, Firefly (sort of), Carbonic Drink and Slice of Petrified Pizza.  Go down to the Engine Room and use the Jerry Can with the Input Valve.  Use the On/Off Lever.  After Zero-Bit pranks you, it’s time to zoom off to Proboscis Major.  ENGAGE!

Here endeth Act II... er... okay, no it doesn’t.  Ground Control are rather upset with you.  It appears you’ve managed to bring the Contraband Detector with you and the authorities want it back.  It should be a simple case of transporting it down, but... yup, there’s a problem with the transporter.  Wouldn’t you just know it.  Head back to the bedroom.  Use the Shower Door Control and take the Soap – you’re going to need that later.  In the Cargo Bay interact with the Trunk.  Use the Quadcorder (it will still be in Bottle Opener Mode) on the Latch.  Us the Contraband Detector on the Gramdma’s Space Trunk.  Use Soap on Beacon Port.  Use the Marshmallow Brick with the Empty Bottle.  Then use the Bottle with Marshmallow on the Beacon Port.  Set the Quadcorder to Magnet Mode.  You have to be quick with the next bit – use the Bottle Cap with the Open Latch, then use the Quadcorder with the Latch.

That’s it – you really HAVE completed Act II this time!

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